Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Validate dialog input in Business Operation Framework

In AX2012, SysOperation framework replaces the old Runbase Batch framework. While working with it, I wasn’t able to found out how to add validation before closing the dialog. But Palle saves the day. Check out his full posting here.

However the documentation from Microsoft in this area currently is not yet comprehensive, so here is my first article on a small area of the framework.
If you need to validate the input of the dialog for a data contract, you need to add code to the data contract. Your data contract must implement the SysOperationValidatable interface:

public class BOFDataContractA implements SysOperationValidatable
int parmIntProperty;
str parmStrProperty;

And you need to add the validate method of the interface:

public boolean validate()
if (this.parmIntProperty() <= 25)
return checkFailed("The number must be higher than 25");
return true;

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