Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Small tips to save up on hosting AX2012 R3 Demo VM on Windows Azure

Now AX2012 R3 demo can be deployed fairly conveniently through Life Cycle service.
It is all good except that Azure isn't free. =)
When I deployed the AX2012 R3 VM I found that it is default to an A6 (4x 1.6GHz CPU, 28GB Ram)configuration VM using geo-redundant storage.
You should consider the A5 (2x 1.6GHz CPU, 14GB Ram) configuration, if that's good enough for your use then it's half the cost of an A6.
Also, even when the VM is turned off, a relatively small storage cost would be charged everyday. For a demo machine the geo-redundant is certainly an over-kill. Switching to local-redundant would save you around 50% compare to geo-redundant storage.
Finally, be reminded that compute charges still applies if you turned off the Guest OS inside the VM. You should either "Stop" a VM within the Windows Azure Management Portal, or through powershell to stop being charged on compute resources.

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  1. I've posted some PowerShell commands for starting and stopping these images here:

    Maybe you can post some instructions on how to change the storage redundancy and what practical consequences this might have. :-)

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